anti age discrimination Republic Act 10911 or “An act prohibiting discrimination against any individual in employment on account of age and providing penalties therefore” prohibits employers from withholding promotion or deny training opportunities, compensation and privileges from employees on the basis of age. Recruitment and employment agencies are also prohibited from refusing to help individuals regardless of age [...] Continue reading →

SMEs find ally in new S&T Chief

f. de la pena resized (First published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sunday Biz, September 11, 2016) By Myrna Rodriguez Co Change may have come at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).  Not in the form of new, high-profile projects.  Nor of major organizational upheavals.  But rather in terms of quiet, deep-impact changes:  more resources to the regions, more [...] Continue reading →

Know your business law: THE EXACT CHANGE LAW

exact-change Republic Act 10909, otherwise known as the Exact Change Law, deemed passed last July 21 after the bill lapsed into law, prohibits business establishments from giving customers insufficient change. The law aims to protect consumers against deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales acts and practices; institutionalize the practice of giving exact change, educate consumers in the [...] Continue reading →

Beginner's Kit

Free business apps for start-ups

small-biz-apps To get your business off to a good start, you need to have done some planning, which involves a considerable amount of computations and pencil pushing. You need not start the process from scratch. Here are some tools that will help the newbie entrepreneur prepare for actual business implementation.   These tools offer templates that can [...] Continue reading →