When to take in consultants and other outside help

help Many small entrepreneurs became entrepreneurs because they want to be the boss, to call the shots, make the decisions. They love the independence that small-scale entrepreneurship allows them to have.  And they tend to fiercely protect this independence. However, even the most independent and talented entrepreneurs cannot do things for themselves – at least not [...] Continue reading →

Managing change

change   It has been said that three things are inevitable – death, taxes, and change. Like it or not, things change.  People change.  The economic environment evolves.  So does the market and their preferences. Though change is inevitable, people usually resist change.  People react to change with some degree of apprehension and sense of insecurity.  [...] Continue reading →

Papal visit brings on wave of commercialization

papal souvenirs By Myrna Rodriguez Co (first published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Monday, January 19, 2015) As millions of Filipinos opened their hearts wide to the visiting Pope, businesses are accused of taking advantage of the occasion to push their commercial and selfish interests. Huge billboards and banners festoon the streets, emblazoned with Pope Francis’ [...] Continue reading →

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