More spot-on quotes on innovation – 3

innov Continuing the series of inspirational quotes on  innovation …. 46. “Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgi 47. “A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.”- Antoine Saint-Exupery 48. “Without [...] Continue reading →

Cloud computing for SMEs

cloud For many small businesses, the term “cloud computing” is either nebulous or associated with concerns over data security and safety. However, there is no lack of small entrepreneurs who have sworn to the benefits that can  be derived from the technology, including savings in software expenses, higher work productivity, and more efficient coordination of workflow. [...] Continue reading →

Serg’s Chocolates: a case in business risk-taking

sergchoco By the SERDEF Media Bureau Entrepreneurship is associated with taking risks in order to gain rewards in terms of material profit and personal fulfillment. The risks abound and may faze the faint-hearted.  The dominant fear is, of course, the possibility failure plus its many consequences – losing one’s shirt, being mocked by friends and acquaintances, [...] Continue reading →

Disaster preparedness 101

Notepad with disaster plan. ] Small businesses are especially vulnerable to the unexpected and unpredictable both in the economic (economic down turns, market changes) and the physical environments (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes).  Even smaller catastrophes like power outages, machine breakdowns, and computer crashes can affect the company in a big way. Today, all sectors of society are being cautioned to [...] Continue reading →

Succession planning in a small business

ernie Ernie and Mila Bravo think their children are ready to take over. by Myrna R. Co, SERDEF Media Bureau (first published in Business Friday,  Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 27, 2016) Small entrepreneurs do not set out planning and starting a business with a view to who will eventually succeed them.  Especially not if they are [...] Continue reading →

Beginner's Kit

Free business apps for start-ups

small-biz-apps To get your business off to a good start, you need to have done some planning, which involves a considerable amount of computations and pencil pushing. You need not start the process from scratch. Here are some tools that will help the newbie entrepreneur prepare for actual business implementation.   These tools offer templates that can [...] Continue reading →