Make weddings your business: Some ideas

wedding businesses If you’re looking for a doorway to a new business, one of the opportunities to consider is weddings.  Weddings have become a complex production that can no longer be executed by the affianced couple by themselves or even with the help of friends or relatives. You can be among the professionals and entrepreneurs who cash [...] Continue reading →

Telecommuting 101

telecommuting-employee   Telecommuting may not yet be widespread in business and industry workplaces in the Philippines, but it might grow in importance in the years ahead, as more people have access to computers, as office spaces become more scarce and costly, and as traffic in metropolitan areas become more unwieldy for daily commuters. Telecommuting is a [...] Continue reading →

Know Your Small Biz Law: The E-Commerce Act

e-commerce       The E-Commerce Act, or Republic Act 8792, was signed into law in June 2000, after the local Internet community has lobbied for its approval.  Its enactment marked the country’s entry as a legitimate player in the global electronic marketplace. The law gives official recognition to electronic date messages, electronic documents and electronic [...] Continue reading →

Beginner's Kit


consumer act   The Consumer Act of the Philippines (RA &394) was passed in July 1992 in line with the policy of the government to protect the interest of the consumer, promote the general welfare, and establish standards of conduct for business and industry. For the consumer, the law provides safeguards against  hazards to health and safety [...] Continue reading →

How to register a patent

Patent Some small businesses started from an invention or innovative idea one has turned into a product. Examples of inventive Filipino entrepreneurs abound. Benjamin Almeda of Tondo, Manila put up Almeda Cottage Industries in the 1950s, based on devices and gadgets he developed for the food-processing industry.  These include the rice grinder, coconut grater, meat grinder, [...] Continue reading →