Know your small biz law: The Tripartism Act

tripartism Republic Act No. 10395, or “An Act Strengthening Tripartism” was signed into law by President Benigno Aquino, Jr. in July 2012. It declared tripartism in labor relations as a state policy, allowing employers and workers to become part of policy-making bodies of the government. Tripartism, in Philippine labor laws, refers to the representation of workers [...] Continue reading →

Welcoming the new hire

welcome ab orad Business owners and managers  hire employees with the hope that they will work hard and efficiently, be loyal to the company, and stay with it for a long time. Making a positive impression on a new staff starts even before he or she reports for work for the first time. Human resources expert Susan  Heathfield, [...] Continue reading →

Beginner's Kit

Guidelines for bazaar newbies

ChristmasBazaar Now that you have studied the pros and cons of selling in bazaars, you may have decided to try the “bazaar model” for your business (See previous article on joining a bazaar)). Here are basic guidelines for joining bazaars designed for newbies like you. Preparatory work Be informed of bazaar schedules well in advance.  Look [...] Continue reading →

This holiday season, consider selling in bazaars

christmas-presents Do you have products to sell but have no store and no market exposure? Consider selling at bazaars. Seasonal bazaars are organized during the shopping months of November and December as well as during other special-themed months like February (Valentine’s) or May (fiesta time). Various industry events, on the other hand, feature travel expos, bridal [...] Continue reading →