How to start a poultry farm – part 1

chicken ofmgr Poultry farming can be undertaken in both rural and urban areas, as long as there is enough space available either in the front or backyard. The demand for chicken meat or eggs is high, as these products are among the most nutritious, delicious and affordable food options. Here, from MARID Agribusiness Digest (“Poultry Farming 101: [...] Continue reading →

SME assistance programs: DOST’s MPEX

mpex Handled by the Department of Science and Technology’s Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST TAPI), the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX) aims to increase productivity of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippine manufacturing sector.  Its priority SME beneficiaries are those serving export markets or have the potentials for export. The program seeks [...] Continue reading →

Customer intimacy 101

customer intimacy Nowadays, a new marketing strategy is making marketing managers and business owners sit up and listen.  This is known as customer intimacy. It is a marketing strategy where the seller or supplier gets close to their clients.  The benefits of greater customer intimacy for a business might include improved highly tailored problem-solving capabilities and greater [...] Continue reading →

Business ethics concepts and applications: Being good is good business

biz ethics The most basic business ethics concepts are three:  honesty, integrity and fairness.   Honesty – Honest should be the hallmark of a company’s dealings with its employees, customers, and other publics. It should communicate with its employees internal developments that will affect them, such as layoffs, reorganization moves, and austerity programs. Honesty to customers and [...] Continue reading →

Beginner's Kit

Growing mushrooms: Why and how

strawmushroom A taste for mushroom has yet to become popular among Filipinos.  Studies show only about 10 per cent of Filipinos regularly consume them – regrettable because mushrooms are known not only to be delicious but very nutritious. These edible fungi are rich in high quality proteins, iron, phosophorous, potassium and calcium, plus nearly all vitamins.  [...] Continue reading →